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If you do not have a page of your company VKontakte, solvent audience goes to your competitors. It’s time to remedy the situation and order the promotion of your page in the social network in the company ION.OD.UA. We know how to bring you customers and increase sales.

What will we do for you?

  • We analyze your niche and competitors’ offer;
  • Create an account/page/group and design it properly;
  • We make a content plan, we think over publications, we choose the right time;
  • Use promotion methods – invitations to groups, subscriptions, likes, advertising.

If you already have own group or page, but it is “dead” and doesn’t bring benefit to your business, and more likely even damages it – address to us. In a short time we will bring it back to life and it will become interesting and useful.

What are the purposes for which you need a Vkontakte page?

Before we start, we talk to each client and try to convey to them that promoting a group or community is not yet a guarantee of commercial success. Its main task is to present your brand favorably, create a positive image, increase recognition and interest in your product or service.

We use the most effective promotion methods and only white ways to attract subscribers!

In our work we often encounter clients whose group was not very conscientious and as a result, they were banned by the moderators, without the possibility of recovery. This is very frustrating and unpleasant situation, because many groups have thousands of subscribers and long-term account. For us it is important to use only reliable and authorized ways to attract subscribers, as well as to do mailings on thematic forums.

We are trusted, chosen and recommended!

1.Individuality. We start each group with an individual plan and strategy. Each client and product is unique, as well as its proposal, and we try to emphasize that.
2. responsibility. We do not promise what we can not do, we always achieve our goals and take responsibility for the result.
3. Deadlines. We adhere to the agreed deadlines neatly keep accounts.
4. Always open to dialogue and consult on any issue. We will keep you informed of all the stages of promotion and share our plans for the future.

It’s easy to work with us and easy to get great results! Call us, leave requests and let’s meet.

ION.OD.UA. Use the potential of social networks for the benefit of your business!

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