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Training in site administration and support

We offer you or your employees to take training with us and master the skills to maintain your own site.

We are ready to share our experience with you and pass on invaluable knowledge. This will allow you and your employees to independently perform the work of maintaining your site on the Internet and monitor the quality of business development. The training will be divided into several packages, and the packages will consist of modules.

After the training you will easily do:

Site content

You can put any text or pictures on any page.

Site Archives

Make a backup copy of the site and restore it from the archive.


Analyze site statistics. See what sites click on your site.


Learn how to optimize pages for search engines.


Increase the links to your site. Learn what links are and where to buy them.


Learn to analyze competitors' sites - strengths and weaknesses.


Google Services. How to run ads and how to track their relevance.

Social media

How to properly schedule posts, scheduling services, how to run ads.


Work in messengers - creating Telegram and other channels.

Training takes place in such areas and courses:

  • Choosing and setting up your hosting.
  • Basics of HTML-coding.
  • Semantic core and optimization.
  • Your pages for search engines.
  • Support and filling of the site;
  • Promotion of the site on the Internet;
  • Increasing the number of links to your site.
  • Website monitoring skills, identifying problems and promptly solving them.
  • Learn to analyze traffic on your site.
  • Analyze your competitors.
  • Improve your position on the Internet.
  • Work in social networks: Facebook, Instagram.


The cost depends on the number of lessons. The number and subjects of lessons is made with you in the study of your existing knowledge. Also on the number of lessons depends on the type of your site and what it is created: designer, self-written, CMS. The form of training can be personal or group.


Cash and non-cash payment.


Participants who successfully complete the training and pass all of their homework will receive certificates. Are you interested in quality training? Are you planning to develop your own business on the Internet? Do you want to learn how to do it? We are happy to help make it happen! Send us an e-mail or fill out the feedback form.

Training is the surest way to achieve a high goal!

If you are interested in training, please contact office@ion.od.ua or use the feedback form on the website.

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