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Spell check

Competently written text will always work in favor of your business. Visitors coming to your site will appreciate its literacy, but the presence of mistakes will cause a smirk and damage your image. Customers want to deal with professionals, and we can help you do that!

You can order spell-check in this format:

  • Copywriting (seo-copyright, rerate, PR-articles);
  • Descriptions of products;
  • The texts on the site: the home, about the company, services, etc.
  • Proofreading of text on the site, the entire page or the entire site;
  • And other texts on your order.

Correction of the text includes the following stages:

  • Finding and correcting spelling errors (misuse of capital letters, separation and concatenation of words).
  • Searching and correcting technical errors (typos which appeared while typing on the computer).
  • Searching and correcting morphological errors (common misspelling of endings and other).
  • Checking the correct use of punctuation (punctuation marks).
  • Checking the correct spelling of symbols, measurement units, other notations.

Today, spell-checking service is quite popular. Website owners want to present their resource to the visitors with dignity and it is important for them to look like experts in their business. Therefore, if your texts cause some doubts, entrust their verification to the company ION.OD.UA. For a better quality we additionally check the texts on special paid programs, so we can guarantee 100% literacy.

The advantages of our company’s work:

  • 100% text literacy;
  • Checking the text of different topics;
  • Delivery on time;
  • The best prices.

Checking the text by competent people is fast and convenient. We start work as soon as we receive the assignment and perform it just in time. This service is especially relevant among business owners on the Web, who care about how their resource looks and have plans to go to the top positions. And we know how to achieve it.

ION.OD.UA. Literate texts - promote your business!

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