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Site filling service

We’ll take care of filling the site with content: we’ll develop a content plan, write texts, prepare illustrations and, if necessary, post information on your site.
If you have already prepared the material for the site and you need to put it on the pages of the web resource, then this service is for you. If you do not yet have the texts for the site and you need to write them, then you need to order the texts for the Web site.
Filling the site content – not complicated, but a fairly time consuming process. It often takes longer than the creation of the site, especially when it comes to one-page sites, or ready-made solutions based on CMS. So create a website in one day you can, but perform high-quality content filling – hardly.
Imagine how much time it will take to collect the semantic core for each individual page, to write the text and its placement. During this period, you would have already begun to receive the first orders. Develop your business, and leave the chore of creating content to us.

Services for filling the site:

  • Filling the site with articles.
  • Filling the online store with goods.
  • Creating a text for sales pages.
  • Writing metadata for the site.

Without quality and regularly updated content is almost impossible to improve the efficiency of online business and to bring the site to the top of search rankings. The more interesting the content, the more it meets the needs of visitors, the more time they will spend on the site.
Content should be updated regularly. “Abandoned” sites are gradually losing their positions with visitors and search engines. This is especially true of the news section: when a visitor enters the site and sees that the latest news is dated last year, he begins to think that the rest of the information is likely to be irrelevant. And even if it doesn’t reflect reality, the first impression will play a more serious role in this case. It is also very important to keep up-to-date such sections of the site as the company contacts, its history and portfolio, information on special offers and prices for services.

The cost of filling the site
From 150 UAH per page

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