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Seo site audit

A high-quality seo-audit will reveal the site’s strengths and problem areas. As a result, it will help to make its work not only effective, but also the most useful for your business online. The service seo-audit implies a technical analysis of the site, which checks its compliance with the requirements of popular search engines.

A professionally conducted seo-audit allows you to achieve such goals:

  •  Eliminates errors on the site in its internal structure;
  •  Improves the ranking of the site several times;
  •  Avoids search engine sanctions.

Experience shows that there is not a single site that could insure itself against any error. That is the task of the audit – to detect these errors and eliminate them. The result of the work you will see in the form of improving its performance.

Using the budget when performing a seo-audit.

Of course, every customer, when allocating a budget for the promotion of their site, expects that the budget will be rationally used for the benefit of the business. But there are situations that, even with very large financial investments, the result is almost imperceptible. Why is this so? The fact that at one time was not carried out seo-audit and eventually were not found errors, which did not give a resource to develop.

Professional seo-audit includes the following types of work:

1. analysis:

  • Internal link structure;
  • Errors provided by Yandex Webmaster and Google Webmaster;
  • The target pages of the site in terms of their availability to search engines.

2. Checking:

  • Textual content for uniqueness by
  • Use of verified online programs;
  • Use in the process of promotion of black methods (hidden text, gluing domains, spam, etc.);
  • Conformity of the target entry points to the requests being promoted;
  • How different text pages are indexed by search engines;
  • The quality of the site’s outbound link mass;
  • Whether there are errors in the HTML code of the site page;
  • Whether this site has affiliate sites.

3. Robots.txt file is compiled.
4. defined indicators of the authority of the site in search engines;
5. Recommendations:

  • On the optimization of images on the requirements of search engines;
  • On the optimization of texts and titles, their proper design, as well as the attribution of the meta-data site.
  • On the results of the analysis of statistics Google Analytics.

The specialists of our company will tell you in detail about each of these points and the degree of their importance for the development of your site. Seo-audit is an important stage in the life of every Internet resource. Only thanks to it you can get the desired traffic and high positions in search engines. And with this task will cope professionals.

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