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Reproducing text

Can you write one unique article on one topic? How about two? How about ten? How about a hundred? If you do not have time to try yourself in the epistolary genre, and you are fully focused on the development of your business – order the reproduction of articles in a professional web-studio ION.OD.UA. By ordering once the service text reproduction, you will get the maximum benefit, and search engine optimization will give times better results.

What is article multiplication (generation)?

Article reproduction is a process where one uniquely written original article produces the desired number of new articles, even 10, even 100. In terms of meaning they are very similar to the original version, but at the same time search robots regard them as completely unique.

How is the effect of uniqueness achieved? 

In fact, everything is very simple: to each word of the text are selected words close in meaning, that is, synonyms. In general, this is usually called a synonym formula. On its basis, using a special service is generated the desired number of versions of the source. Somehow it is similar to the rewriting, but we are talking about a completely different scale.

Why do you need so many versions of the same article?

This is very important for the promotion of the site articles, which today is considered the most effective method. Articles are placed on thematic resources and they contain links that lead to the promoted site. In this case, to achieve the greatest effect will need a lot of articles, and the generation will be the most faithful assistant.

Can I post one text without generating it?

This can not be done, because one unique material can be indexed only on one resource. In other places the article will not be indexed, so the search robot will determine that it is not unique. And this is fraught with sanctions.

The advantage of our service:

  • We prepare the required number of articles in a short time;
  • All articles are similar to each other minimally, which is considered a high percentage of uniqueness;
  • The information is well readable;
  • We make unique titles;
  • Prices for this type of service – minimum.

Article reproduction is a powerful tool to promote your site on the Internet and at the same time it is an almost inexhaustible source of text content for your site. We recommend you the services of our experienced copywriters who will prepare the right number of articles for you and please you with high positions of the site.

Focus on growing your business. And if you need article reproduction, leave it to us!

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