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Promotion in messengers (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp)

Promotion of the channel in Viber, promotion of Telegram channel, promotion in WhatsApp, mailing lists in Viber, WhatsApp mailing list. Messengers can be used as an additional, and for some types of business as the main channel of communication with your current and potential customers.

Today’s messenger boom can be compared to a similar phenomenon ten years ago – the explosion of social media. There are already 2 billion people using messaging apps, and if you believe the forecasts, by 2021 the number of users will increase to 2.48 billion. This is a trend, and brands need to capitalize on it before it goes down.

Messengers are one of the fastest ways to deliver messages, and that’s relevant in this era of fast-paced living. Messengers are ideal for informing customers about events with an “expiration date”: flash sales, short-term promotions, situational content.

Messengers are social networks of the inner circle, where users communicate with their family and friends. Public accounts allow brands to communicate with their customers without pulling them out of their usual environment.

Messengers are needed not only to keep in touch with a regular audience, but also to attract new customers. And if you have not yet started promotion through Viber, WhatsApp or Telegram, I advise you to start today.

Leave an application on the site or call us and we will consult you and create for you promotion of your company in messengers.

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