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Processing price lists

The task of every trade organization is to carefully and regularly analyze the price lists, or as we now call them, price lists, of its suppliers.

The purpose of the analysis is very simple:

  • Identify changes in the price of goods;
  • Identify the emergence of new products;
  • Identify the goods that are not in the price list;
  • Control the availability of goods.

We know how to solve this problem quickly and efficiently!

After our specialist processes the price lists, you will end up with an updated list of goods that you can offer to potential customers. It will contain the most accurate prices. And this will speak about you as a reliable seller who can be trusted.

The service “Processing of price lists” consists of such items:

  • Monitoring the availability of goods from suppliers;
  • Adjusting the markup of goods, if a markup is used separately for each supplier (that is, monitor the pricing);
  • Match the goods with the goods from the base catalog, in automatic or manual mode;
  • Set up price lists for suppliers to import into the database (i.e., filter goods according to import rules);
  • We export data: for the import in CSV format, MicrosoftExcel for wholesale and retail, as well as provide a summary price list (that is, we develop a detailed price matrix of suppliers, where you can buy products and what price it shows).

How can this service help you grow your business?
It’s very simple: you will have detailed information on where/who/what price you can buy the right product at the lowest cost and eventually sell it to your customers. We’ll also select goods at the lowest prices from suppliers in the base catalog.

By passing these tasks onto us, you and your employees will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and use the free time to do other equally important things for your company. We will be the “automation link” between you and your suppliers.

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