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Order a logo in Odessa

Designers from ION.OD.UA will develop a creative and well-thought-out logo for your company. For many years it will be an integral part of your business success – online and in real life.

Logo philosophy

A logo is a trademark of a company whose main task is to briefly and accurately describe its essence and cause the right associations and emotions. The success of the design concept and corporate identity will depend on how well the logo is made. A logo is not just a sign, it is a whole philosophy.

A competent logo performs three main tasks:

1. It conveys the ideology and spirit of the company.
2. Create the right emotion and the right message.
3. Solves specific business problems.

Despite the apparent simplicity, designing a logo is not a simple task, because it should, on the one hand, reflect the essence of your company and, on the other hand, look good when scaled. Every detail matters – its color scheme, concept, typography. However, in the end, the result will justify both your expectations and your investment – the logo will give a good impetus to the successful development of your company.

Designers of the company ION.OD.UA are ready to produce for your success high-quality, creative and colorful logo.

Why customers trust ION.OD.UA logo design

  • Our logo is not a picture, it is a product that solves a specific business problem.
  • That is why it is very important for us to communicate with customer and collect maximum information about the product (brand, company) and target audience.
  • Professional designers will develop a font logo and graphic, unmistakably choosing the variant, which will cope with the task as quickly as possible.
  • The created logo will be a key point in creating a corporate identity, which will convey the spirit of the company, create a mood and identify exactly your brand.
  • We work quickly but efficiently. Logos are designed with the psychology of your target audience in mind.

When creating a logo it is very important for us to listen to you, your ideas, ideas about what you would like to see your logo and what tasks it should solve, what to tell about your company. That’s why we are always happy to have a dialogue with you. After sketching and creating options, you choose the final version.

Your business deserves the most convincing logo. And we are already ready to start its development. ION.OD.UA. A professional approach to creating a corporate identity for your company.

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