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How to restore a deleted site?

If you’ve lost your site and you can’t restore it yourself – contact us and we’ll ask you all the nuances you need to restore, calculate the cost and restore the site!!!

Many customers with questions about site restore appeal to us. In some cases, forget to pay for hosting and if hosting is not quite good, then a week later deletes all the files. Other cases when the site is on someone else’s hosting and the site disappears along with the company on whose hosting the site is located. In this article I will tell how to protect yourself from such cases and what to do if such a case occurred.

 How to protect yourself from such cases:

1. Domain and hosting must belong to you, that is, be registered in your name.

2. it is desirable that the hosting is located in the hosting company UKRAINE – https://www.ukraine.com.ua/?page=111832 – this is the best hosting company, even if you have not paid for the hosting, it does not delete the files of your site. At any time you can go to the control panel and restore or download the site. Every day it makes a backup of the site and database, that is, if something happens to the site you can always restore previous versions. And at prices they are almost the cheapest.

How to restore the site if you do lose it:

1. Go to http://web.archive.org

In the next window select a date, you can move through the years and see where a more complete version of the site has been saved.

As you can see from the example site is fully open, you can walk around it and save individual articles and pictures, as well as the entire page.

To save the text – select the text and press Ctrl C or right-click and copy.

To save the picture – right-click on the picture and save the picture as – select the path and name and save it.

Choose a folder, write the name and select Web page completely

It creates a folder with photos and an HTML file that you can open at any time and copy the information to the site.

It is also possible to see how the site looked like in the Google cache:

To do this, you need to google write the address of your site, click and search after selecting the address – click on the triangle and select a saved copy:

If you have lost the site and you can not restore it yourself - contact us and we will clarify all the nuances that you need to restore, calculate the cost and restore the site!!!