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How to create Instagram and Facebook ads yourself - Step-by-step guide

You probably already know that Facebook bought out Instagram. And so in order to set up ads on Instagram or Facebook – we still need to do it on Facebook. To do that, open your Facebook page, if you don’t have a Facebook account yet, then create one. You set up ads in Facebook after at the bottom in Placement check the box to show it in Instagram or Facebook or both.

Step-by-step instructions with pictures: 1. Go to your Facebook page and in the right corner click on the triangle and select "Create ad".

2. Next, choose the purpose of the advertising campaign. In my case, I need traffic to the site to sell products. I chose Traffic.

3. Write the name of the Campaign and click continue

4. Write the name of the ad group and configure the ad group. In the traffic section, I put a checkmark to go to the site

5. Next, by scrolling the wheel down - we set the audience. In our case, we put the country of Ukraine and with the exception of a couple of areas. You need to put those cities or those areas in which you plan to show ads.

6. Choose age, sex, interests of people.

7. At this stage we choose where to show ads - on Facebook, Instagram, only on phones or everywhere, etc.

8. In the eighth step, choose a budget and a display schedule.

9. In the ninth step, select the amount of the bet manually or automatically and the amount itself in the manual.

10. You write the name of the ad, add pages Facebook and or instagram to show ads from this page. I created new pages for facebook and instagram and added the site and contacts, so that if a person went to the page of the group - could go to the site.

11. Add images that will be displayed, the image must be more than 1200*628 pixels

12. Put a link to the site and write the text, which will be shown in the ad.

and click to place the order.

13. We see how the order is placed, after we receive an announcement that the order has been successfully placed.

That's it good luck setting up your ad campaigns.