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Is your goal to promote your business through social media? In that case, Facebook is ideal for you. There is a serious, intelligent and, most importantly, solvent audience, which, with a skilful approach will become your subscriber, and ideally – a client. If you expect fast and quality results, entrust the creation and keeping your Facebook page to the company ION.OD.UA.

Choose professionals to promote your business online

In our many years of practice, we have more than once encountered such clients who tried to lead the group on their own. Motivated by the fact that they already have their own personal account, fifty friends and they know how to “like”. Not only will such an approach not bring results, but it will also ruin your reputation. SMM has a lot of subtleties that you don’t even know about.

Who would be interested in promotion in Facebook?

For owners of business companies that provide high-level services, luxury goods and products, travel companies, the beauty industry. In this case, the main purpose of all the activities will be not so much to increase sales as to raise the image. They will talk about you and recommend you.

Approximate plan of our work on Facebook

1. analysis of the niche, competitors, target audience;
2. Creation of a character, a group, a page;
3. Development of a unique design;
4. Creating a content plan and publication plan;
5. Finding and inviting new subscribers and friends;
6. Communicating with participants, comments, likes, prizes, contests;
7. A detailed report every month.

It’s clear that this is not a detailed plan of all the planned activities and we still have a lot of ideas and knowledge of how to implement it all. Each client, like his business, is individual, so we do not have the same blanks for all projects, and we try to emphasize your uniqueness in the process of maintaining the group.

As a result, you get an effective and socially active tool for business on the network

  • Competent and stylish representation in the social network;
  • Active, targeted and interested audience;
  • Recognition of the brand, the company, the person;
  • Feedback from the target audience and loyalty;
  • Increase in sales.

Audience of Facebook is active and does not mind to communicate and spend money on a quality product.
So why not take advantage of it?
And the company ION.OD.UA is ready to help you make it happen!

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