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E-mail newsletter

Our company gives you a unique opportunity to use one of the most powerful tools to attract customers and clients to your site – order a service “Newsletter”.

We offer the following types of mailings:

  • E-mail – mailing;
  • SMS – delivery;
  • Viber – mailing;

Mailing will be the fastest and most convenient way to send a huge number of text messages which will constantly inform your clients and subscribers.

Who will be interested in this service?

The service “Mailing” was developed for companies, which need timely notification of their clients about new services, products, goods by using text messages of different volume.

One text message reaches thousands of customers!

What you can get by using the newsletter:

  • Increase your average check;
  • Communicate with your customers;
  • Get repeat sales;
  • Save money on consultants and managers.

So, using a mailing list will allow you to gradually build a loyal audience and increase trust in your site and company. Now you can easily advertise new products and services, talk about upcoming promotions, discounts, events and other special offers. And notice that all this with only one text message.

Your clients will always remember you!

ION-PR is often approached by clients who are interested in promoting their own website, company, organization, etc. Often when a company is new and no one knows about it, they use mailing lists to get sales right away. It is clear that if you are not an expert in this field, it will probably be difficult for you to organize your own mailing list. In this case, we are happy to offer you our services.

What do I need in order to organize a mailing list?

  • The address and name of the company on behalf of which the mailing will be made;
  • The subject and text of the letter;
  • Layouts or pictures;
  • Your client base for the mailing;
  • The start date of the mailing.
  • All other details we can discuss with you in person or by means of a feedback form. Also you can always call us by telephone and our managers will give you all the necessary information.

Mailing list - the most effective way to make yourself known and attract a lot of potential customers!!!

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