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Creating online stores in Odessa

Owning your own online store is the best answer to an unstable economy. With an online business, you can make good money without depending on rent, sellers, and definitely save yourself the headache of paperwork. If you have an idea – we have a solution for it!

The company ION.OD.UA develops competent Internet stores, which attract the right customers and sell steadily.

6 key points of established online stores

1. Maximum convenience.

Our task – to make the site clear and convenient for customers, and profitable for the customer. In-depth analysis of the market allows you to initially create a competent resource, with which your competitors will be difficult to compete.

2. Maximum confidence.

We create stores where customers want to leave money and are not afraid to do so. We achieve this through a combination of design solutions and technical functionality. Only in this case positive result is ensured, i.e. orders and sales.

3. even more opportunities.

Careful study of trends of modern Ukrainian and foreign Internet stores will allow you to create effective websites. They are not only convenient to shop with. They are perfectly tuned for smartphones and tablets.

4. effective promotion.

Initially, even at the stage of website development, we do all the necessary work to make the site ready for promotion, optimization and promotion in social networks.

5. Constantly increasing profits.

By entrusting the development of an online store to our company, you will provide a stable and growing business.

6. Automation of online stores.

In addition to creating online stores, we are also engaged in their support, filling and automation.

If you are planning to launch an online store from scratch, we will develop for you the concept of the future project, design, help with marketing content and develop an effective marketing strategy.

How do we work?

  • We plan thoroughly. Before we start work we get acquainted with your business, define business goals, in a personal meeting we determine the details, listen to your ideas and talk about the price.
  • Competently decide. After approving the terms of reference and signing the contract, programmers, layout designers, designers and testers start to work. Their joint efforts project is embodied in the finished store.
  • We develop and activate sales. Creating an online store without customers makes no sense. Therefore, at the development stage we talk to you and marketing specialists about its future promotion.

ION.OD.UA - we create online stores that provide you stability and financial independence

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