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Creating corporate websites in Odessa

Thousands of companies have corporate websites, but only a few have them working: the image grows, clients come, business develops. If you want your website to work for you – order its development in the studio ION.OD.UA. It will become a great start and a solid foundation for further career development.

What is a competent corporate website?

The task of your corporate website is very simple – it should represent your business and attract the users. Almost the same tasks of the business card site, but if the scale of your business is large – you already need a corporate website by position.

It should have the most useful information:

  • About the company;
  • The methods of your work;
  • The areas of services you provide;
  • Price list;
  • Portfolio/Customers;
  • Contact Information.

Understand the main thing that the more information the client receives about your company, the quicker he will contact you, easier negotiations will take place and a profitable deal will be made.

Work for your image with a first-class corporate website!

Our company is approached by clients who do not just want to order a website, but want to see the results of its work as a result. Work on each project is on an individual plan and focuses on the client’s business.

As a result, we create a website solves the following problems:

  • Positions the company in a favorable light;
  • Supports its positive image;
  • Actively promotes products and services;
  •  Disseminates the necessary marketing messages;
  • Encourages to action.

What you certainly will not be told in other companies, that is simply silent.

Website development – takes time and financial costs. We do not just create a website, we analyze your business, target audience, learn the needs of customers, we draw a quality design and at your request – sales and presentation content. There are deadlines, but they are reasonable.

We design websites with prospects

Your clients obviously use smartphones and tablets, so websites are created with an adaptive design. This saves you the cost of developing a mobile version, which, you must agree, sounds tempting. Working on your website today, we are well aware that it will grow along with your business. And so we develop such functionality, which will be ready for new payment modules, analytics, interaction with social networks, and “honed” under the seo-optimization.

How do we work?

  • We analyze the project and develop terms of reference;
  • Approve design and structure of the site;
  • We develop the project, fill it up, test it;
  • We launch the project and support it.

Making the right decision is a sign of a competent leader.
ION.OD.UA - develop sites for your business.
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