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Order a corporate identity in Odessa

In the process of presenting the company, it is very important to be individual. That is, even at the earliest stages, to work out each element of corporate identity. It is he who will contribute to the creation of the external character of the brand, as well as determine the general idea of advertising, printed printing and corporate products.

Web studio ION.OD.UA will develop a corporate identity that will increase the recognition of your company.

Under the skillful hands of professionals all elements of corporate identity become an advertising tool that helps the company to indicate the external identity. That is why it is very important to adhere to the unity and combination of all elements (color palette, fonts, graphics), to ensure the unity of all objects, which belong to the same brand.

The design of letterheads, business cards, booklets, envelopes, notepads, folders, pens, e-mail templates, and, of course, the company logo and the site itself. In a more global sense, the concept of corporate identity includes the external and internal appearance of the premises, elements of corporate symbols, and much more.

The process of corporate identity development: 

  • Meeting with the client, where we get acquainted with the company and its product.
  • We analyze the information we receive. We study the target audience, competitors and ways of selling your product or service.
  • We sign an agreement with the customer.
  • We make up the terms of reference, which designers need to work on.
  • Development of conceptual options.
  • Approval with the customer.
  • Technical layout.
  • Delivery of the completed project.

After all the work is done you get:

1. Ready corporate style, where each element reflects the nature of your company or brand;
2. Your brand or product will be recognizable and will stand out from the grey mass of similar competitors;
3. The product with which you will increase sales;
4. an effective channel of communication with your target audience.

When you see that not only money is at stake but also the company image it is very important to entrust the development of corporate identity to the experienced specialists. The designers of ION.OD.UA have a huge number of interesting ideas about creating corporate identity of your company! We do not use any templates and blanks, only creative and offbeat ideas and their ideal implementation. Each element of corporate identity from the pen to the logo will work for the image of your business.

ION.OD.UA - Trust the development of corporate identity to real professionals!

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