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Contextual-media advertising - Running Google Ads ads

Do you need to introduce a new product to the market? To work on your image or increase
brand recognition? Use the most effective marketing tool - context and media advertising. Launch Google Ads in 2-3 days.
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Thus, one graphic banner ad will be able to reach the maximum number of your target audience who are interested in your topic. Contextual media advertising combines the main features of contextual advertising and banner advertising.

So, like media, it attracts more attention and is paid for display. And, like contextual advertising, it is shown only to interested users in a particular region.

For what purposes should contextual media advertising be used?

  • To introduce a new product to the market;
  • To increase the popularity of a product or brand;
  • Announce information about promotions and discounts;
  • To arouse in the audience the necessary associations with the service or product;
  • To attract new interested customers as well as partners.

To put it bluntly, the main task of such advertising is to inform the target audience about the product or brand. Communication with the user is carried out through a banner or video clip, that is, through a visual image. As a result, brand awareness is increased and sales increase.

Advantages of media-contextual advertising:

  • Variety of graphic banners within a single advertising campaign;
  • Causes confidence in users;
  • Flexible targeting settings: gender, age, topic of the site;
  •  Ability to configure retargeting, that is, the demonstration of the banner to users who have already been on the site.

Practice has long shown that in order to achieve the greatest effect, you need to combine two types of advertising: contextual and media. And if you understand how important it is for your business and how important it is initially to build the right advertising campaign, we are pleased to offer you our professional services.

The company “ION.OD.UA”. Qualitative setting up and launching of effective contextual advertising.
The advertising campaign developed by our specialists has one important goal – for the client to make a profit with it.

To meet this challenge, we:

  • Develop a customized strategy according to the client’s goals and capabilities;
  • We create exclusive and attention-grabbing graphic images;
  •  We analyze the effectiveness of the campaign in order to increase its effect in the future.

With the help of our experience, modern technologies and the opportunities of the Internet, our clients get what is useful for their business. And contextual-media advertising will become one more channel for increasing client base and sales.

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