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Adding products - descriptions, photos to the online store

Every new owner of a new online store is faced with the need to quickly and efficiently fill the store with merchandise. We can help you speed up the process of adding goods to your new store.

Creating a quality product description that is detailed and useful is an important task for those who are set up for real trade. The description is just necessary for the buyer, so that after reading it he will understand whether he needs this product or not.

Therefore, you are faced with the task of filling an online store site:

  • Text content;
  • Technical specifications;
  • Photos of the goods.

It is the content that will influence what will be the first impression of the site for the potential buyer. And if he is all satisfied, then the chance that the purchase will take place – very high.

Of course, you can logically do all this yourself, but we wouldn’t recommend you to do everything at launch – you’ll just “burn out” at the start. You can immediately put an administrator on staff and start paying his salary. But if your store is just starting out, there won’t be many orders right away, and your staff will want a monthly paycheck. In this case, my clients usually resort to the service of filling your online store with goods through a remote administrator.

 The pros of this solution:

  • You don’t have to pay salaries all the time;
  • You don’t have to pay for staff training, and you don’t have to waste your time on it;
  • You only pay for the work done, your staff doesn’t “sit around” waiting for a new order;
  • If the store does not go – you do not lose anything, because you will not enter into an employment agreement with the administrator;
  • You do not need to teach the new person the basics of e-commerce, and how to add products to the store;
  • You are freed up free time that you can spend on other more important tasks for your business;
  • You do not need to pay sick pay, social security, and other deductions for the person – you pay only when the work is done.

There are two ways to generate descriptions for items:

  1. A solid text that is in the Description area, that is, in a single cell;
  2. Describe the characteristics of the product in the form of an additional field for the product. Thus, the information will be stored in a structured data.

Practice has shown more than once that quality product photos and detailed descriptions are the key to high sales.

If you go the first way, i.e. using structured data for formation of the content database, soon you will be able to develop a filtration system based on their main attributes – characteristics and attributes. That is, your customers will be able to filter products based on characteristics.

For example: the task to buy a printer, setting filters: “print color”, “speed” and the like. However, it is important to clarify whether this function is possible with the developers of your online store.
Which online store will win the battle for customers? The one with products accompanied by pictures and descriptions. And we are ready to do it for you!

What services we provide:

  • We create competent and selling content;
  • Develop a catalog that contains photos, product description and other important characteristics in automatic mode.
  • We carry out the fastest search for the photo of the goods, video reviews and quality characteristics;
  • We are working on creating the product card in the automatic mode;
  • Quickly update the description for each item;
  • Writing unique descriptions using a special program;
  • Using the filters to search for the goods;
  • Quick filling of the Internet resource with photo materials and descriptions through the parser;
  • We develop a template card of the goods by the specified characteristics;
  • Promptly update product descriptions;
  • We are working on the possibilities of data uploading in XML, CSV, HTML, SQL formats;
  • In case of CMS change we provide the possibility for fast transfer of photos and descriptions to another engine.

As a result, for the same amount of time the amount of executed work increases several times. You will have more time to solve business tasks, and your customers will get all the necessary information and make a purchase on your website.

The cost of service filling merchandise online store is from $ 1 per product. Leave a request - or contact us and we will study your project and tell you the exact prices and terms.

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