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Access to Russian mail services in Ukraine and beyond

As you probably already know, access to Russian email services in Ukraine will be restricted in the near future.

It all started when the President of Ukraine published a decree on his website on May 15, 2017, enacting the decision of the National Security and Defense Council to impose sanctions on Russian companies. These include the mail services Yandex and Mail.ru, the social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, as well as hundreds of other companies.

In this article I will describe a simple instruction that, if you follow it today, will ensure that you retain access to your mailbox tomorrow on both PCs and mobile devices. You will not need to install any additional software and the usability will remain the same as before.

The first thing you will need is Gmail, Google’s mailbox. I think most people have one, because a lot of people have some kind of Android device that only works fully if they have a Gmail account.

There are different methods – let’s look at them:

1. is to use VPN services. 

On your smartphone – go to PlayMarket or AppStore – look for VPN and install it, and before you go to the blocked resources, you need to enter and enable VPN in the application. For example, there is an app TurboVPN – go to it – enable VPN – go to the necessary resources – then go to TurboVPN again and disable it. 

On the computer – use browsers with built-in VPN, such as Opera or TOR.

How it works and why you should not always leave VPN on?

VPN technology works like a cloak of invisibility – it masks you and keeps you anonymous. Instead of a light motorcycle that’s easy to identify, you get a rental car with tinted windows. You are hidden in encrypted data and safely hidden behind a different IP address.

The speed through a VPN is much slower than without it. 

2. Forward the mail to another mailbox and enable VPN directly on the service.

Go to the mail services that are blocked and set forwarding of letters to the mailboxes that are allowed.

Go to the services that are blocked – there is a function to enable VPN in the settings.